1.4 Personalizing Your Portal

Like all aspects of Oracle Portal, the extent to which you can personalize your interface depends upon the level of privileges that have been granted to you by a page designer or administrator. Assuming you have log-in privileges, you will most likely be able to select your own home page and your own log-in password, and you might be able to select the page style you prefer as well. A page style determines the colors and fonts in which the pages you view are rendered. At the page level, you may have complete authority over your own personal page or home page, but none at all on other pages that are available to the entire company. On some pages, you may be able to personalize portlets to suit your own needs and preferences, or you may be able to hide certain portlets completely so that they don't appear on your page. Going a step further, you may even be able to add to or delete portlets from a page. (You'll know you can add content to a page if you see the Edit link in the top right corner of your page. If you don't see it, you don't have the proper privileges.)