The image shows the Task Details page for the Enter Quote task. The top section is labeled Enter Quote Header and it contains breadcrumbs for the various subprocesses: Enter Header, Select Products, Request Discounts, Request Terms, and Submit Quote. In the upper right corner are buttons labeled Ok and Claim. The second area of the screen is labeled Quote Header and contains text fields for the following: Opportunity ID, Sales Rep Id, Sales Rep Name, Sales Rep Contact, Account Name, Purchase to Date, Customer Type, Industry, and Valid Until. The third area of the screen is labeled Customer Address and includes text fields for Street, City, State, Zip, Country. The final area is labeled Customer Contact Persons, and it includes a table. Above the table is a list labeled View for configuring the columns in the table. A second button is labeled Add, and a third Delete. The columns in the table are Name, Title, Phone Number, and Email Address.