What's New in This Guide

This section identifies the changes made to this guide for this release.

For changes made to Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) for this release, see the New Features page on the Oracle Technology Network at http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/jdev/index-091111.html.

Documentation Changes for Release

The following table shows the sections that were revised or added for this release.

Sections Change Description
Chapter 7 Defining Validation and Business Rules Declaratively  
Section 7.3, "Adding Validation Rules to Entity Objects and Attributes" Revised section to provide additional information: clarification on usage of declarative validation definitions.
Chapter 11 Integrating Service-Enabled Application Modules  
Section 11.2.5, "How to Customize the SDO Properties of Service-Enabled View Objects" Created a new section to describe the options for customizing service data object (SDO) properties, including the use of predefined complex service types (AmountType and MeasureType).
Section 11.3.6, "How to Invoke Operations of the Service-Backed Components in the Consuming Application" Revised section to show new API to use with SDO helper-related source code. It is no longer possible to use SDO's global helper context in ServiceFactory clients.
Chapter 15 Working with Task Flow Activities  
Section 15.6.4, "How to Call a Bounded Task Flow Using a URL" Revised section to clarify that the invoked managed bean method returns a string with the parts required to construct a URL.
Chapter 25 Creating Databound Selection Lists and Shuttles  
Section 25.2, "Creating List of Values (LOV)" Updated section to describe changes to the auto suggest behavior. Now includes a maxSuggestedItem tag that allows you to specify the number of return items in the list. A more link will appear if there are additional items that are not displayed.
Chapter 26 Creating Databound ADF Data Visualization Components  
Chapter 26, "How to Create a Graph" Revised procedures in this chapter to describe the use of the emptyText attribute to specify the text to display when there is no data to return in the graph.
Chapter 30 Enabling ADF Security in Fusion Web Applications  
Chapter 30, "Enabling ADF Security in a Fusion Web Application" Revised procedures throughout chapter to match changes made to the overview editor for jazn-data.xml (including the editor's new Resource Grants page, which replaces the ADF Policy page).
Chapter 31 Testing and Debugging ADF Components  
Section 31.5.4, "How to Use the Log Analyzer to View Log Messages" Created a new subsection to describe features of the log analyzer that support viewing and analyzing logged Oracle ADF lifecycle event messages.
Chapter 34 Customizing Applications with MDS  
Section 34.2.3, "How to Consume Customization Classes" Added new section to describe how to package customization classes for design time and runtime consumption.
Section 34.3.3, "Introducing the Tip Layer" Revised section to provide additional information about indicator icons associated with the Customization Developer role.
Section 34.3.4, "How to Configure Customization Layers" Revised section (and added new subsections) to provide new information about defining application-specific customization layer values.
Section, "Viewing ADF Library Runtime Customizations from Exported JARs" Added new section to describe how to view runtime customizations on ADF library artifacts from exported JARs in JDeveloper at design time.
Section 34.3.10, "How to Package and Deploy Customized Applications" Revised section (and added new subsections) to provide new information about "auto-MAR" functionality.
Chapter 35 Allowing User Customizations at Runtime  
Section 35.1, "Introduction to Allowing User Customizations" Revised section to add note about query component and saved searches and to add note about restriction on persistence on components in iterative tags.
Section 35.4.2, "What Happens at Runtime: How Changes Are Persisted and Restored" Revised section to provide additional information about differences between running locally and deploying persistence-enabled applications.
Chapter 36 Deploying Fusion Web Applications  
Chapter 36, "Deploying Fusion Web Applications" Updated chapter to include additional information about deploying to IBM WebSphere application server.
Chapter 39 Advanced View Object Techniques  
Section 39.1.1, "Limiting the View Object Max Fetch Size to Fetch the First n Rows" Updated section to new Row Fetch Limit property. The property sets a global limit for all row query operations in the application.
Chapter 40 Application State Management  
Section 40.11.1, "How to Set Applications to Use Optimistic Locking" Updated section to document new default value for jbo.locking.mode property. The new locking mode defaults to optimistic to better support Fusion web applications.
Appendix A Oracle ADF XML Files  
Section A.11, "adf-config.xml" Revised section to describe how you can configure the caching of resource bundles in the adf-config.xml file or by specifying property values. Also revised to identify ADF Business Component customization tasks.
Appendix H Data Controls in Fusion Web Applications  
Section H.1, "Introduction to Data Controls" Revised section to describe support for JMX data control.