7.9.6 PECL/mysqlnd_ms 1.1 series

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The 1.1 and 1.0 series expose a similar feature set. Internally, the 1.1 series has been refactored to plan for future feature additions. A new configuration file format has been introduced, and limitations have been lifted. And the code quality and quality assurance has been improved.

Feature changes

Bug fixes

The mysqlnd_ms_set_user_pick_server function was removed, and replaced in favor of a new user filter. You can no longer set a callback function using mysqlnd_ms_set_user_pick_server at runtime, but instead have to configure it in the plugins configuration file. The user filter will pass the same arguments to the callback as before. Therefore, you can continue to use the same procedural function as a callback.callback It is no longer possible to use static class methods, or class methods of an object instance, as a callback. Doing so will cause the function executing a statement handled by the plugin to emit an E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR level error, which might look like: "(mysqlnd_ms) Specified callback (picker) is not a valid callback." Note: this may halt your application.