7.9.4 PECL/mysqlnd_ms 1.3 series

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Bug fixes


Bug fixes


The 1.3 series aims to improve the performance of applications and the overall load of an asynchronous MySQL cluster, for example, a MySQL cluster using MySQL Replication. This is done by transparently replacing a slave access with a local cache access, if the application allows it by setting an appropriate quality of service flag. When using MySQL replication a slave can serve stale data. An application using MySQL replication must continue to work correctly with stale data. Given that the application is know to work correctly with stale data, the slave access can transparently be replace with a local cache access.

PECL/mysqlnd_qc serves as a cache backend. PECL/mysqlnd_qc supports use of various storage locations, among others main memory, APC and MEMCACHE.

Feature changes