7.5 Concepts

7.5.1 Architecture
7.5.2 Connection pooling and switching
7.5.3 Local transaction handling
7.5.4 Error handling
7.5.5 Transient errors
7.5.6 Failover
7.5.7 Load balancing
7.5.8 Read-write splitting
7.5.9 Filter
7.5.10 Service level and consistency
7.5.11 Global transaction IDs
7.5.12 Cache integration
7.5.13 Supported clusters
7.5.14 XA/Distributed transactions

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This explains the architecture and related concepts for this plugin, and describes the impact that MySQL replication and this plugin have on developmental tasks while using a database cluster. Reading and understanding these concepts is required, in order to use this plugin with success.