MySQL Connector/C++ 8.0 Developer Guide

4.4 Connector/C++ Source-Configuration Options

Connector/C++ recognizes the CMake options described in this section.

Table 4.1 Connector/C++ Source-Configuration Option Reference

Formats Description Default Introduced
BUILD_STATIC Whether to build a static librarty OFF
BUNDLE_DEPENDENCIES Whether to bundle external dependency libraries with the connector OFF
CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE Type of build to produce Debug
CMAKE_INSTALL_DOCDIR Documentation installation directory 8.0.14
CMAKE_INSTALL_INCLUDEDIR Header file installation directory 8.0.14
CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR Library installation directory 8.0.14
CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX Installation base directory /usr/local
MAINTAINER_MODE For internal use only OFF 8.0.12
MYSQLCLIENT_STATIC_BINDING Whether to link to the shared MySQL client library ON 8.0.16
MYSQLCLIENT_STATIC_LINKING Whether to statically link to the MySQL client library ON 8.0.16
MYSQL_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE Path to the mysql_config program ${MYSQL_DIR}/bin/mysql_config
MYSQL_DIR MySQL Server installation directory
STATIC_MSVCRT Use the static runtime library
WITH_BOOST The Boost source directory
WITH_DOC Whether to generate Doxygen documentation OFF
WITH_JDBC Whether to build legacy JDBC library OFF 8.0.7
WITH_SSL Type of SSL support system 8.0.7