6 Changes in MySQL Connector/J 6.0.2 (2016-04-11, Milestone 1)

Version 6.0.2 Milestone 1 is the first development release of the 6.0 branch of MySQL Connector/J, providing an insight to upcoming features. Although some of these are still under development, this release includes the following new features and changes (in comparison to the current Connector/J 5.1 production release).

The major features of Connector/J 6.0 include:

For other significant changes from Connector/J 5.1 to 6.0, see Changes in Connection Properties and Changes in the Connector/J API.

Connector/J 6.0.2 includes all the bug fixes that have been incorporated into Connector/J 5.1.38, plus the fixes described below.

Functionality Added or Changed

Bugs Fixed