Chapter 6 Connector/ODBC Examples

Table of Contents

6.1 Basic Connector/ODBC Application Steps
6.2 Step-by-step Guide to Connecting to a MySQL Database through Connector/ODBC
6.3 Connector/ODBC and Third-Party ODBC Tools
6.4 Using Connector/ODBC with Microsoft Access
6.4.1 Exporting Access Data to MySQL
6.4.2 Importing MySQL Data to Access
6.4.3 Using Microsoft Access as a Front-end to MySQL
6.5 Using Connector/ODBC with Microsoft Word or Excel
6.6 Using Connector/ODBC with Crystal Reports
6.7 Connector/ODBC Programming
6.7.1 Using Connector/ODBC with Visual Basic Using ADO, DAO and RDO
6.7.2 Using Connector/ODBC with .NET

Once you have configured a DSN to provide access to a database, how you access and use that connection is dependent on the application or programming language. As ODBC is a standardized interface, any application or language that supports ODBC can use the DSN and connect to the configured database.