MySQL Connector/ODBC Developer Guide

4.7 Installing Connector/ODBC from the Development Source Tree


This section is only for users who are interested in helping us test our new code. To just get MySQL Connector/ODBC up and running on your system, use a standard release distribution.

The Connector/ODBC code repository uses Git. To check out the latest source code, visit GitHub: To clone the Git repository to your machine, use this command

git clone

You should now have a copy of the entire Connector/ODBC source tree in the directory mysql-connector-odbc. To build and then install the driver libraries from this source tree on Unix or Linux, use the same steps outlined in Section 4.5, “Building Connector/ODBC from a Source Distribution on Unix”.

On Windows, make use of Windows Makefiles WIN-Makefile and WIN-Makefile_debug in building the driver. For more information, see Section 4.4, “Building Connector/ODBC from a Source Distribution on Windows”.

After the initial checkout operation to get the source tree, run git pull periodically to update your source according to the latest version.