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14.5 The BDB (BerkeleyDB) Storage Engine

14.5.1 Operating Systems Supported by BDB
14.5.2 Installing BDB
14.5.3 BDB Startup Options
14.5.4 Characteristics of BDB Tables
14.5.5 Restrictions on BDB Tables
14.5.6 Errors That May Occur When Using BDB Tables

Sleepycat Software has provided MySQL with the Berkeley DB transactional storage engine. This storage engine typically is called BDB for short. BDB tables may have a greater chance of surviving crashes and are also capable of COMMIT and ROLLBACK operations on transactions.

Support for the BDB storage engine is included in MySQL source distributions, which come with a BDB distribution that is patched to make it work with MySQL. You cannot use an unpatched version of BDB with MySQL.

BDB support will be removed

As of MySQL 5.1, BDB is not supported.

For general information about Berkeley DB, please visit the Sleepycat Web site,