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17.3.3 MySQL Cluster Configuration Files MySQL Cluster Configuration: Basic Example MySQL Cluster Connection Strings Defining Computers in a MySQL Cluster Defining a MySQL Cluster Management Server Defining MySQL Cluster Data Nodes Defining SQL and Other API Nodes in a MySQL Cluster MySQL Server Options and Variables for MySQL Cluster MySQL Cluster TCP/IP Connections MySQL Cluster TCP/IP Connections Using Direct Connections MySQL Cluster Shared-Memory Connections SCI Transport Connections in MySQL Cluster Configuring MySQL Cluster Parameters for Local Checkpoints

Configuring MySQL Cluster requires working with two files:

We are continuously making improvements in Cluster configuration and attempting to simplify this process. Although we strive to maintain backward compatibility, there may be times when introduce an incompatible change. In such cases we will try to let Cluster users know in advance if a change is not backward compatible. If you find such a change and we have not documented it, please report it in the MySQL bugs database using the instructions given in Section 1.7, “How to Report Bugs or Problems”.