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17.4.3 ndb_mgm — The MySQL Cluster Management Client

The ndb_mgm management client process is actually not needed to run the cluster. Its value lies in providing a set of commands for checking the cluster's status, starting backups, and performing other administrative functions. The management client accesses the management server using a C API. Advanced users can also employ this API for programming dedicated management processes to perform tasks similar to those performed by ndb_mgm.

To start the management client, it is necessary to supply the host name and port number of the management server:

shell> ndb_mgm [host_name [port_num]]

For example:

shell> ndb_mgm 1186

The default host name and port number are localhost and 1186, respectively.

The following table includes options that are specific to the MySQL Cluster management client program ndb_mgm. Additional descriptions follow the table. For options common to most MySQL Cluster programs (including ndb_mgm), see Section 17.4.20, “Options Common to MySQL Cluster Programs — Options Common to MySQL Cluster Programs”.

Table 17.28  This table describes command-line options for the ndb_mgm program

Format Description Added or Removed



Set the number of times to retry a connection before giving up; synonym for --connect-retries

All MySQL 5.0 based releases



Execute command and exit

All MySQL 5.0 based releases

Additional information about using ndb_mgm can be found in Section 17.5.2, “Commands in the MySQL Cluster Management Client”.