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17.4.18 — NDBCLUSTER Size Requirement Estimator

This is a Perl script that can be used to estimate the amount of space that would be required by a MySQL database if it were converted to use the NDBCLUSTER storage engine. Unlike the other utilities discussed in this section, it does not require access to a MySQL Cluster (in fact, there is no reason for it to do so). However, it does need to access the MySQL server on which the database to be tested resides.

Requirements and ndb_size.tmpl can also be found in the MySQL sources in storage/ndb/tools.


perl db_name hostname username password > file_name.html

The command shown connects to the MySQL server at hostname using the account of the user username having the password password, analyzes all of the tables in database db_name, and generates a report in HTML format which is directed to the file file_name.html. (Without the redirection, the output is sent to stdout.)

The output from this script includes the following information: