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4.6 MySQL Administrative and Utility Programs

4.6.1 innochecksum — Offline InnoDB File Checksum Utility
4.6.2 myisam_ftdump — Display Full-Text Index information
4.6.3 myisamchk — MyISAM Table-Maintenance Utility
4.6.4 myisamlog — Display MyISAM Log File Contents
4.6.5 myisampack — Generate Compressed, Read-Only MyISAM Tables
4.6.6 mysqlaccess — Client for Checking Access Privileges
4.6.7 mysqlbinlog — Utility for Processing Binary Log Files
4.6.8 mysqldumpslow — Summarize Slow Query Log Files
4.6.9 mysqlhotcopy — A Database Backup Program
4.6.10 mysqlmanager — The MySQL Instance Manager
4.6.11 mysql_convert_table_format — Convert Tables to Use a Given Storage Engine
4.6.12 mysql_explain_log — Use EXPLAIN on Statements in Query Log
4.6.13 mysql_find_rows — Extract SQL Statements from Files
4.6.14 mysql_fix_extensions — Normalize Table File Name Extensions
4.6.15 mysql_setpermission — Interactively Set Permissions in Grant Tables
4.6.16 mysql_tableinfo — Generate Database Metadata
4.6.17 mysql_waitpid — Kill Process and Wait for Its Termination
4.6.18 mysql_zap — Kill Processes That Match a Pattern

This section describes administrative programs and programs that perform miscellaneous utility operations.