BACKUP TABLE tbl_name [, tbl_name] ... TO '/path/to/backup/directory'

This statement is deprecated and is removed in MySQL 5.5. As an alternative, mysqldump or mysqlhotcopy can be used instead.

BACKUP TABLE copies to the backup directory the minimum number of table files needed to restore the table, after flushing any buffered changes to disk. The statement works only for MyISAM tables; it does not work for views. BACKUP TABLE works by copying the table's .frm definition and .MYD data files. The .MYI index file can be rebuilt from those two files. The directory should be specified as a full path name. To restore the table, use RESTORE TABLE.

During the backup, a read lock is held for each table, one at time, as they are being backed up. If you want to back up several tables as a snapshot (preventing any of them from being changed during the backup operation), issue a LOCK TABLES statement first, to obtain a read lock for all tables in the group.

BACKUP TABLE returns a result set with the following columns.

TableThe table name
OpAlways backup
Msg_typestatus, error, info, note, or warning
Msg_textAn informational message