13.1.29 DROP TABLESPACE Syntax

DROP TABLESPACE tablespace_name
    ENGINE [=] engine_name

This statement drops a tablespace that was previously created using CREATE TABLESPACE (see Section 13.1.18, “CREATE TABLESPACE Syntax”).


The tablespace to be dropped must not contain any data files; in other words, before you can drop a tablespace, you must first drop each of its data files using ALTER TABLESPACE ... DROP DATAFILE (see Section 13.1.8, “ALTER TABLESPACE Syntax”).

The ENGINE clause (required) specifies the storage engine used by the tablespace. In MySQL 5.1, the only accepted values for engine_name are NDB and NDBCLUSTER.

DROP TABLESPACE was added in MySQL 5.1.6. In MySQL 5.1, it is useful only with Disk Data storage for MySQL Cluster. See Section 17.5.12, “MySQL Cluster Disk Data Tables”.