Chapter 10 Globalization

Table of Contents

10.1 Character Set Support
10.1.1 Character Sets and Collations in General
10.1.2 Character Sets and Collations in MySQL
10.1.3 Specifying Character Sets and Collations
10.1.4 Connection Character Sets and Collations
10.1.5 Configuring the Character Set and Collation for Applications
10.1.6 Character Set for Error Messages
10.1.7 Collation Issues
10.1.8 String Repertoire
10.1.9 Operations Affected by Character Set Support
10.1.10 Unicode Support
10.1.11 UTF-8 for Metadata
10.1.12 Column Character Set Conversion
10.1.13 Character Sets and Collations That MySQL Supports
10.2 Setting the Error Message Language
10.3 Adding a Character Set
10.3.1 Character Definition Arrays
10.3.2 String Collating Support for Complex Character Sets
10.3.3 Multi-Byte Character Support for Complex Character Sets
10.4 Adding a Collation to a Character Set
10.4.1 Collation Implementation Types
10.4.2 Choosing a Collation ID
10.4.3 Adding a Simple Collation to an 8-Bit Character Set
10.4.4 Adding a UCA Collation to a Unicode Character Set
10.5 Character Set Configuration
10.6 MySQL Server Time Zone Support
10.6.1 Staying Current with Time Zone Changes
10.6.2 Time Zone Leap Second Support
10.7 MySQL Server Locale Support

This chapter covers issues of globalization, which includes internationalization (MySQL's capabilities for adapting to local use) and localization (selecting particular local conventions):