17.5.3 Online Backup of MySQL Cluster MySQL Cluster Backup Concepts Using The MySQL Cluster Management Client to Create a Backup Configuration for MySQL Cluster Backups MySQL Cluster Backup Troubleshooting

The next few sections describe how to prepare for and then to create a MySQL Cluster backup using the functionality for this purpose found in the ndb_mgm management client. To distinguish this type of backup from a backup made using mysqldump, we sometimes refer to it as a native MySQL Cluster backup. (For information about the creation of backups with mysqldump, see Section 4.5.4, “mysqldump — A Database Backup Program”.) Restoration of MySQL Cluster backups is done using the ndb_restore utility provided with the MySQL Cluster distribution; for information about ndb_restore and its use in restoring MySQL Cluster backups, see Section 17.4.20, “ndb_restore — Restore a MySQL Cluster Backup”.