17.4.13 ndb_error_reporter — NDB Error-Reporting Utility

ndb_error_reporter creates an archive from data node and management node log files that can be used to help diagnose bugs or other problems with a cluster. It is highly recommended that you make use of this utility when filing reports of bugs in MySQL Cluster.

The following table includes command options specific to the MySQL Cluster program ndb_error_reporter. Additional descriptions follow the table. For options common to most MySQL Cluster programs (including ndb_error_reporter), see Section 17.4.26, “Options Common to MySQL Cluster Programs — Options Common to MySQL Cluster Programs”.

ndb_error_reporter did not support the --help option prior to MySQL Cluster NDB 6.3.52, MySQL Cluster NDB 7.0.40, and MySQL Cluster NDB 7.1.29 (Bug #11756666, Bug #48606). The --connection-timeout --dry-scp, and --skip-nodegroup options were also added in these releases (Bug #16602002).

Table 17.79  This table describes command-line options for the ndb_error_reporter program

Format Description Added or Removed


Number of seconds to wait when connecting to nodes before timing out.

ADDED: NDB 6.3.52, NDB 7.0.40, NDB 7.1.29


Disable scp with remote hosts; used only for testing.

ADDED: NDB 6.3.52, NDB 7.0.40, NDB 7.1.29


Include file system data in error report; can use a large amount of disk space

All MySQL 5.1 based releases


Skip all nodes in the node group having this ID.

ADDED: NDB 6.3.52, NDB 7.0.40, NDB 7.1.29


ndb_error_reporter path/to/config-file [username] [options]

This utility is intended for use on a management node host, and requires the path to the management host configuration file (usually named config.ini). Optionally, you can supply the name of a user that is able to access the cluster's data nodes using SSH, to copy the data node log files. ndb_error_reporter then includes all of these files in archive that is created in the same directory in which it is run. The archive is named ndb_error_report_YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.tar.bz2, where YYYYMMDDHHMMSS is a datetime string.

ndb_error_reporter also accepts the options listed here: