17.1.4 MySQL Cluster Development History What is New in MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2.0 What is New in MySQL Cluster NDB 7.1 What is New in MySQL Cluster NDB 7.0 What is New in MySQL Cluster NDB 6.3 What is New in MySQL Cluster NDB 6.2 What is New in MySQL Cluster NDB 6.1 What is New in MySQL Cluster 5.1

In this section, we discuss changes in the implementation of MySQL Cluster in MySQL 5.1, MySQL Cluster NDB 6.x, and MySQL Cluster NDB 7.x, as compared to earlier MySQL Cluster releases.

There are a number of significant changes in the implementation of the NDBCLUSTER storage engine in mainline MySQL 5.1 releases up to and including MySQL 5.1.23 as compared to that in MySQL 5.0; MySQL Cluster NDB 6.x and 7.x make further changes and improvements in MySQL Cluster in addition to these. The changes and features most likely to be of interest are shown in the following tables:

MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2
Distribution of MySQL users and privileges across MySQL Cluster SQL nodes
Distributed pushed-down joins, with greatly improved performance for many joins that can thus be pushed down and executed in parallel on the data nodes.
Improved default values for data node configuration parameters.
MySQL Cluster NDB 7.1
Production-level support for MySQL Cluster on Microsoft Windows platforms.
ndbinfo meta-information database
MySQL Cluster Connector for Java, including ClusterJ and OpenJPA (ClusterJPA) support
Native support for default column values
MySQL Cluster NDB 7.0
Multi-threaded data nodes (ndbmtd data node daemon)
Online addition of data nodes; online data redistribution
MySQL on Windows (alpha; source releases only)
Configuration cache
IPv6 support for geo-replication
Protected DDL operations
Dynamic buffering for NDB transporters
Increased flexibility in determining arbitration handling, using a new Arbitration data node configuration parameter
NDB API counters and associated status variables, which make it possible to observe the API-level effects of SQL statements on NDB tables from the mysql client.
MySQL Cluster NDB 6.3
Conflict detection and resolution for multi-master replication
Compressed backups and local checkpoints
Parallel data node recovery
Enhanced transaction coordinator selection
Improved SQL statement performance metrics
Transaction batching
ndb_restore attribute promotion
Support for epoll (Linux only)
Distribution awareness
NDB thread locks; realtime extensions for multiple CPUs
MySQL Cluster NDB 6.2
Improved backup status reporting (BackupReportFrequency, REPORT BackupStatus)
Multiple connections per SQL node
Data access with NdbRecord (NDB API)
REPORT MemoryUsage command
Memory allocation improvements
Management client connection control
Online ADD COLUMN; improved online index creation
MySQL Cluster NDB 6.1
Greater number of cluster nodes
Disabling of arbitration
Additional DUMP commands
Faster Disk Data backups
Batched slave updates
MySQL 5.1 (through 5.1.23)
MySQL Cluster Replication
Disk Data storage
Variable-size columns
User-defined partitioning
Autodiscovery of table schema changes
Online adding and dropping of indexes