2.4.6 Using the Bundled MySQL on OS X Server

If you are running OS X Server, a version of MySQL should already be installed. The following table shows the versions of MySQL that ship with OS X Server versions.

Table 2.13 MySQL Versions Preinstalled with OS X Server

OS X Server VersionMySQL Version

The following table shows the installation layout of MySQL on OS X Server.

Table 2.14 MySQL Directory Layout for Preinstalled MySQL Installations on OS X Server

DirectoryContents of Directory
/usr/binClient programs
/var/mysqlLog files, databases
/usr/libexecThe mysqld server
/usr/share/manUnix manual pages
/usr/share/mysql/mysql-testMySQL test suite
/usr/share/mysqlMiscellaneous support files, including error messages, character set files, sample configuration files, SQL for database installation
/var/mysql/mysql.sockLocation of the MySQL Unix socket

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