RESTORE TABLE tbl_name [, tbl_name] ... FROM '/path/to/backup/directory'

This statement is deprecated and is removed in MySQL 5.5.

RESTORE TABLE restores the table or tables from a backup that was made with BACKUP TABLE. The directory should be specified as a full path name.

Existing tables are not overwritten; if you try to restore over an existing table, an error occurs. Just as for BACKUP TABLE, RESTORE TABLE currently works only for MyISAM tables. Restored tables are not replicated from master to slave. If there is an existing view of the same name, the view is overwritten (views cannot be backed up using BACKUP TABLE).

The backup for each table consists of its .frm format file and .MYD data file. The restore operation restores those files, and then uses them to rebuild the .MYI index file. Restoring takes longer than backing up due to the need to rebuild the indexes. The more indexes the table has, the longer it takes.

RESTORE TABLE returns a result set with the following columns.

TableThe table name
OpAlways restore
Msg_typestatus, error, info, note, or warning
Msg_textAn informational message