14.7.3 Creating schemas and tables Identifier names Index names

IBMDB2I tables are created by specifying the ENGINE=IBMDB2I option on a CREATE TABLE or ALTER TABLE statement. These tables are stored as DB2 for i objects in the QSYS.LIB file system. Therefore, in contrast to the behavior of other storage engines, IBMDB2I table and index data does not reside beneath the datadir directory with other MySQL table data.

When the first IBMDB2I table is created in a MySQL schema, the corresponding DB2 schema will be created (if it does not already exist).

Note that if the user profile running MySQL has sufficient authority dropping a MySQL schema will drop a DB2 schema of the same name even if the schema never contained any IBMDB2I tables and contains objects not related to MySQL. Therefore, it is recommended that extreme caution be used when dropping MySQL schemas when the IBMDB2I plugin is installed.