14.7 The IBMDB2I Storage Engine

14.7.1 Installation
14.7.2 Configuration Options
14.7.3 Creating schemas and tables
14.7.4 Database/metadata management
14.7.5 Transaction behavior
14.7.6 Principles and Terminology
14.7.7 Notes and Limitations
14.7.8 Character sets and collations
14.7.9 Error codes and trouble-shooting information

The IBMDB2I storage engine is designed as a fully featured transaction-capable storage engine that enables MySQL to store its data in DB2 tables running on IBM i. With the IBMDB2I storage engine, data can be shared between MySQL applications and applications coded for native DB2 for i interfaces.

IBMDB2I provides ACID-compliant transactions, support for foreign key constraints, full crash recovery, radix-tree-based indexes, and the unique ability to enable DB2 for i applications to see and update table data in real time.

More information about the storage engine and its interaction with DB2 for i can be found in IBM's Using DB2 for i as a Storage Engine for MySQL Redbook publication, at IBM DB2 for i a Storage Engine for MySQL Redbook.


The IBMDB2I storage engine was introduced in MySQL 5.1.33 and considered GA in MySQL 5.1.35. It was removed in MySQL 5.1.54.