Changes Affecting Upgrades to 5.1

Before upgrading to MySQL 5.1, review the changes described in this section to identify upgrade issues that apply to your current MySQL installation and applications.


In addition to the changes outlined in this section, review the Release Notes and other important information outlined in Before You Begin.

Changes marked as either Known issue or Incompatible change are incompatibilities with earlier versions of MySQL, and may require your attention before you upgrade. Our aim is to avoid these changes, but occasionally they are necessary to correct problems that would be worse than an incompatibility between releases. If any upgrade issue applicable to your installation involves an incompatibility that requires special handling, follow the instructions given in the incompatibility description. Sometimes this involves dumping and reloading tables, or use of a statement such as CHECK TABLE or REPAIR TABLE.

For dump and reload instructions, see Section 2.13.4, “Rebuilding or Repairing Tables or Indexes”. Any procedure that involves REPAIR TABLE with the USE_FRM option must be done before upgrading. Use of this statement with a version of MySQL different from the one used to create the table (that is, using it after upgrading) may damage the table. See Section, “REPAIR TABLE Syntax”.

Configuration Changes
System Table Changes
Server Changes
SQL Changes
SC API Changes