2.3.2 Choosing the Installation Package for Microsoft Windows

For MySQL 5.1, there are multiple installation package formats to choose from when installing MySQL on Windows.


Using MySQL Installer is the recommended installation method for Microsoft Windows users. The MySQL Server 5.1 release does not include its own MySQL Installer release, but a MySQL Installer version 5.5 and above can optionally install MySQL Server 5.1. Follow the standard Installing MySQL on Microsoft Windows Using MySQL Installer documentation but choose Custom Install after executing it. A MySQL Server 5.1 option will be available, and choosing it will cause MySQL Installer to download it for you.

Table 2.6 Microsoft Windows MySQL Installation package comparison

FeatureEssentialsCompleteZip (No-install)
MySQL Server Instance Config WizardYesYesNo
Test SuiteNoYesYes
MySQL ServerYesYesYes
MySQL Client ProgramsYesYesYes
C Headers/LibrariesYesYesYes
Embedded ServerNoOptionalYes
Scripts and ExamplesNoOptionalYes

In the above table:

The workflow for installing using the MSI installer is shown here:

Figure 2.7 Installation Workflow for Windows Using MSI

Installation Workflow for Windows using MSI

The workflow for installing using the Zip package is shown here:

Figure 2.8 Installation Workflow for Windows Using Zip

Installation Workflow for Windows using Zip


For the Essentials and Complete packages in the MSI installer, you can select individual components to be installed by using the Custom mode, including disable the components confiurated for installation by default.

Full details on the components are suggested uses are provided here for reference:

The Essentials package is recommended for most users. Both the Essentials and Complete distributions are available as an .msi file for use with the Windows Installer. The Noinstall distribution is packaged as a Zip archive. To use a Zip archive, you must have a tool that can unpack .zip files.

When using the MSI installers you can automate the installation process. For more information, see Section, “Automating MySQL Installation on Microsoft Windows Using the MSI Package”. To automate the creation of a MySQL instance, see Section, “MySQL Server Instance Config Wizard: Creating an Instance from the Command Line”.

Your choice of install package affects the installation process you must follow. If you choose to install either an Essentials or Complete install package, see Section 2.3.4, “Installing MySQL on Microsoft Windows Using an MSI Package”. If you choose to install a Noinstall archive, see Section 2.3.6, “Installing MySQL on Microsoft Windows Using a noinstall Zip Archive”.