MySQL 5.5 Reference Manual Including MySQL NDB Cluster 7.2 Reference Guide

18.2.7 Upgrading and Downgrading NDB Cluster

This section provides information about NDB Cluster software and table file compatibility between different NDB Cluster 7.2 releases with regard to performing upgrades and downgrades as well as compatibility matrices and notes. You should already be familiar with installing and configuring NDB Cluster prior to attempting an upgrade or downgrade. See Section 18.3, “Configuration of NDB Cluster”.

Schema operations, including SQL DDL statements, cannot be performed while any data nodes are restarting, and thus during an online upgrade or downgrade of the cluster. For other information regarding the rolling restart procedure used to perform an online upgrade, see Section 18.5.5, “Performing a Rolling Restart of an NDB Cluster”.


Only compatibility between MySQL versions with regard to NDBCLUSTER is taken into account in this section, and there are likely other issues to be considered. As with any other MySQL software upgrade or downgrade, you are strongly encouraged to review the relevant portions of the MySQL Manual for the MySQL versions from which and to which you intend to migrate, before attempting an upgrade or downgrade of the NDB Cluster software. This is especially true when planning a migration from NDB Cluster 7.1 (or earlier) to NDB Cluster 7.2, since the version of the underlying MySQL Server also changes from MySQL 5.1 to MySQL 5.5. See Section 2.11, “Upgrading MySQL”.

The table shown here provides information on NDB Cluster upgrade and downgrade compatibility among different releases of NDB Cluster 7.2. Additional notes about upgrades and downgrades to, from, or within the NDB Cluster 7.2 release series can be found immediately following the table.

Figure 18.5 NDB Cluster Upgrade and Downgrade Compatibility, MySQL NDB Cluster 7.2

Graphical representation of the upgrade/downgrade matrix contained in the file storage/ndb/src/common/util/version.cpp from the NDB 7.2 source tree.

Notes: NDB Cluster 7.2

Versions supported.  The following versions of NDB Cluster are supported for upgrades to NDB Cluster 7.2 (7.2.4 and later):

For information about upgrades to and downgrades from NDB Cluster 7.3, see Upgrading and Downgrading NDB Cluster. For information about upgrades and downgrades in previous NDB Cluster release series, see the MySQL 5.1 Reference Manual.

NDB API, ClusterJ, and other applications used with recent releases of NDB Cluster 6.3 and later should continue to work with NDB 7.2.4 and later without rewriting or recompiling.

In NDB Cluster 7.2, the default values for a number of node configuration parameters have changed. See Improved default values for data node configuration parameters, for a listing of these.

Other known issues include the following: