62 Changes in MySQL 5.5.0 (2009-12-07, Milestone 2)

Previously, MySQL development proceeded by including a large set of features and moving them over many versions within a release series through several stages of maturity (Alpha, Beta, and so forth). This development model had a disadvantage in that problems with only part of the code could hinder timely release of the whole. As you might have found when testing MySQL Server 6.0, alpha quality code could jeopardize the stability of the entire release. (One consequence of this was that MySQL Server 6.0 has been withdrawn.)

MySQL development now uses a milestone model. The move to this model provides for more frequent milestone releases, with each milestone proceeding through a small number of releases having a focus on a specific subset of thoroughly tested features. Following the releases for one milestone, development proceeds with the next milestone; that is, another small number of releases that focuses on the next small set of features, also thoroughly tested.

MySQL 5.5.0-m2 is the first release for Milestone 2. The new features of this milestone may be considered to be initially of beta quality. For subsequent Milestone 2 releases, we plan to use increasing version numbers (5.5.1 and higher) while continuing to employ the -m2 suffix. For Milestone 3, we plan to change the suffix to -m3. Version designators with -alpha or -beta suffixes are no used.

You may notice that the MySQL 5.5.0 release is designated as Milestone 2 rather than Milestone 1. This is because MySQL 5.4 was actually designated as Milestone 1, although we had not yet begun referring to milestone numbers as part of version numbers at the time.

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