MySQL 5.6 Reference Manual Including MySQL NDB Cluster 7.3-7.4 Reference Guide

12.13 Bit Functions and Operators

Table 12.17 Bit Functions and Operators

Name Description
& Bitwise AND
>> Right shift
<< Left shift
^ Bitwise XOR
BIT_COUNT() Return the number of bits that are set
| Bitwise OR
~ Bitwise inversion

Bit functions and operators comprise BIT_COUNT(), BIT_AND(), BIT_OR(), BIT_XOR(), &, |, ^, ~, <<, and >>. (BIT_AND(), BIT_OR(), and BIT_XOR() are aggregate functions described at Section 12.19.1, “Aggregate Function Descriptions”.) Bit functions and operators require BIGINT (64-bit integer) arguments and return BIGINT values, so they have a maximum range of 64 bits. Arguments of other types (such as the BINARY and VARBINARY binary string types) are converted to BIGINT and truncation might occur.

The following list describes available bit functions and operators: