MySQL 5.6 Reference Manual Including MySQL NDB Cluster 7.3-7.4 Reference Guide

12.20 Miscellaneous Functions

Table 12.24 Miscellaneous Functions

Name Description
DEFAULT() Return the default value for a table column
INET_ATON() Return the numeric value of an IP address
INET_NTOA() Return the IP address from a numeric value
INET6_ATON() Return the numeric value of an IPv6 address
INET6_NTOA() Return the IPv6 address from a numeric value
IS_IPV4() Whether argument is an IPv4 address
IS_IPV4_COMPAT() Whether argument is an IPv4-compatible address
IS_IPV4_MAPPED() Whether argument is an IPv4-mapped address
IS_IPV6() Whether argument is an IPv6 address
MASTER_POS_WAIT() Block until the replica has read and applied all updates up to the specified position
NAME_CONST() Cause the column to have the given name
SLEEP() Sleep for a number of seconds
UUID() Return a Universal Unique Identifier (UUID)
UUID_SHORT() Return an integer-valued universal identifier
VALUES() Define the values to be used during an INSERT