MySQL 5.6 Reference Manual Including MySQL NDB Cluster 7.3-7.4 Reference Guide

6.3.4 SSL Library-Dependent Capabilities

MySQL can be compiled using OpenSSL or yaSSL, both of which enable encrypted connections based on the OpenSSL API:


It is possible to compile MySQL using yaSSL as an alternative to OpenSSL only prior to MySQL 5.6.46. As of MySQL 5.6.46, support for yaSSL is removed and all MySQL builds use OpenSSL.

OpenSSL and yaSSL offer the same basic functionality, but MySQL distributions compiled using OpenSSL have additional features:

Certain OpenSSL-related system and status variables are present only if MySQL was compiled using OpenSSL:

To determine whether a server was compiled using OpenSSL, test the existence of any of those variables. For example, this statement returns a row if OpenSSL was used and an empty result if yaSSL was used:

SHOW STATUS LIKE 'Rsa_public_key';

Such tests assume that your server version is not older than the first appearance of the variable tested. For example, you cannot test for Rsa_public_key before MySQL 5.6.6, when that variable was added.