MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual Including MySQL NDB Cluster 7.5 and NDB Cluster 7.6 The setup_timers Table

The setup_timers table shows the currently selected event timers:

mysql> SELECT * FROM performance_schema.setup_timers;
| NAME        | TIMER_NAME  |
| idle        | MICROSECOND |
| wait        | CYCLE       |
| stage       | NANOSECOND  |
| statement   | NANOSECOND  |
| transaction | NANOSECOND  |

As of MySQL 5.7.21, the Performance Schema setup_timers table is deprecated and is removed in MySQL 8.0, as is the TICKS row in the performance_timers table.

The setup_timers.TIMER_NAME value can be changed to select a different timer. The value can be any of the values in the performance_timers.TIMER_NAME column. For an explanation of how event timing occurs, see Section 25.4.1, “Performance Schema Event Timing”.

Modifications to the setup_timers table affect monitoring immediately. Events already in progress may use the original timer for the begin time and the new timer for the end time. To avoid unpredictable results after you make timer changes, use TRUNCATE TABLE to reset Performance Schema statistics.

The setup_timers table has these columns:

TRUNCATE TABLE is not permitted for the setup_timers table.