MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual Including MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0

2.8.8 Dealing with Problems Compiling MySQL

The solution to many problems involves reconfiguring. If you do reconfigure, take note of the following:

To prevent old object files or configuration information from being used, run the following commands before re-running CMake:

On Unix:

$> make clean
$> rm CMakeCache.txt

On Windows:

$> devenv MySQL.sln /clean
$> del CMakeCache.txt

If you build outside of the source tree, remove and recreate your build directory before re-running CMake. For instructions on building outside of the source tree, see How to Build MySQL Server with CMake.

On some systems, warnings may occur due to differences in system include files. The following list describes other problems that have been found to occur most often when compiling MySQL:

For information about acquiring or updating tools, see the system requirements in Section 2.8, “Installing MySQL from Source”.