MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual Including MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0

15.21.1 Troubleshooting InnoDB I/O Problems

The troubleshooting steps for InnoDB I/O problems depend on when the problem occurs: during startup of the MySQL server, or during normal operations when a DML or DDL statement fails due to problems at the file system level.

Initialization Problems

If something goes wrong when InnoDB attempts to initialize its tablespace or its log files, delete all files created by InnoDB: all ibdata files and all ib_logfile files. If you already created some InnoDB tables, also delete any .ibd files from the MySQL database directories. Then try the InnoDB database creation again. For easiest troubleshooting, start the MySQL server from a command prompt so that you see what is happening.

Runtime Problems

If InnoDB prints an operating system error during a file operation, usually the problem has one of the following solutions: