MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual Including MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0

17.20.2 InnoDB memcached Architecture

The InnoDB memcached plugin implements memcached as a MySQL plugin daemon that accesses the InnoDB storage engine directly, bypassing the MySQL SQL layer.

The following diagram illustrates how an application accesses data through the daemon_memcached plugin, compared with SQL.

Figure 17.4 MySQL Server with Integrated memcached Server

Shows an application accessing data in the InnoDB storage engine using both SQL and the memcached protocol. Using SQL, the application accesses data through the MySQL Server and Handler API. Using the memcached protocol, the application bypasses the MySQL Server, accessing data through the memcached plugin and InnoDB API. The memcached plugin is comprised of the innodb_memcache interface and optional local cache.

Features of the daemon_memcached plugin: