MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual Including MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0

8.4.4 The MySQL Keyring

MySQL Server supports a keyring that enables internal server components and plugins to securely store sensitive information for later retrieval. The implementation comprises these elements:


For encryption key management, the component_keyring_file and component_keyring_encrypted_file components, and the keyring_file and keyring_encrypted_file plugins are not intended as a regulatory compliance solution. Security standards such as PCI, FIPS, and others require use of key management systems to secure, manage, and protect encryption keys in key vaults or hardware security modules (HSMs).

Within MySQL, keyring service consumers include:

For general keyring installation instructions, see Section, “Keyring Component Installation”, and Section, “Keyring Plugin Installation”. For installation and configuration information specific to a given keyring component or plugin, see the section describing it.

For information about using the keyring functions, see Section, “General-Purpose Keyring Key-Management Functions”.

Keyring components, plugins, and functions access a keyring service that provides the interface to the keyring. For information about accessing this service and writing keyring plugins, see Section, “The Keyring Service”, and Writing Keyring Plugins.