MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual Including MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0 The ndbinfo restart_info Table

The restart_info table contains information about node restart operations. Each entry in the table corresponds to a node restart status report in real time from a data node with the given node ID. Only the most recent report for any given node is shown.

The restart_info table contains the following columns:


The following list contains values defined for the node_restart_status_int column with their internal status names (in parentheses), and the corresponding messages shown in the node_restart_status column:

Status numbers 0 through 12 apply on master nodes only; the remainder of those shown in the table apply to all restarting data nodes. Status numbers 13 and 14 define node failure states; 20 and 21 occur when no information about the restart of a given node is available.

See also Section 23.5.4, “Summary of NDB Cluster Start Phases”.