MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual Including MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0 Remove Documents

You can use the remove() method to delete some or all documents from a collection in a schema. The X DevAPI provides additional methods for use with the remove() method to filter and sort the documents to be removed.

Remove Documents Using Conditions

The following example passes a search condition to the remove() method. All documents matching the condition are removed from the countryinfo collection. In this example, one document matches the condition.

mysql-js> db.countryinfo.remove("Code = 'SEA'")
Remove the First Document

To remove the first document in the countryinfo collection, use the limit() method with a value of 1.

mysql-js> db.countryinfo.remove("true").limit(1)
Remove the Last Document in an Order

The following example removes the last document in the countryinfo collection by country name.

mysql-js> db.countryinfo.remove("true").sort(["Name desc"]).limit(1)
Remove All Documents in a Collection

You can remove all documents in a collection. To do so, use the remove("true") method without specifying a search condition.


Use care when you remove documents without specifying a search condition. This action deletes all documents from the collection.

Alternatively, use the db.drop_collection('countryinfo') operation to delete the countryinfo collection.

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