MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual Including MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0

27.1 Prerequisites for Using the sys Schema

Before using the sys schema, the prerequisites described in this section must be satisfied.

Because the sys schema provides an alternative means of accessing the Performance Schema, the Performance Schema must be enabled for the sys schema to work. See Section 26.3, “Performance Schema Startup Configuration”.

For full access to the sys schema, a user must have these privileges:

It is also necessary to have privileges for the objects underlying the sys schema objects:

Certain Performance Schema instruments and consumers must be enabled and (for instruments) timed to take full advantage of sys schema capabilities:

You can use the sys schema itself to enable all of the additional instruments and consumers:

CALL sys.ps_setup_enable_instrument('wait');
CALL sys.ps_setup_enable_instrument('stage');
CALL sys.ps_setup_enable_instrument('statement');
CALL sys.ps_setup_enable_consumer('current');
CALL sys.ps_setup_enable_consumer('history_long');

For many uses of the sys schema, the default Performance Schema is sufficient for data collection. Enabling all the instruments and consumers just mentioned has a performance impact, so it is preferable to enable only the additional configuration you need. Also, remember that if you enable additional configuration, you can easily restore the default configuration like this:

CALL sys.ps_setup_reset_to_default(TRUE);