B.1. GLib License (for MySQL Cluster Manager)

The following software may be included in this product:


You are receiving a copy of the GLib library in both source
and object code in the following [mcm install dir]/lib/ and
[mcm install dir]/licenses/lgpl folders. The terms of the
Oracle license do NOT apply to the GLib library; it is licensed
under the following license, separately from the Oracle programs
you receive. If you do not wish to install this library, you
may create an "exclude" file and run tar with the X option, as
in the following example, but the Oracle program might not
operate properly or at all without the library:
  tar -xvfX <package-tar-file> <exclude-file>
where the exclude-file contains, e.g.:

tar -xvfX mysql-cluster-manager-1.1.1-solaris10-x86-32bit.tar Exclude

Exclude File:

This component is licensed under Section B.2, “GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1, February 1999”.