MySQL™ Cluster Manager 1.2.4 User Manual


Deprecated release.  MySQL Cluster Manager 1.2 has been superseded by later releases adding new features and incorporating fixes to bugs found in previous MySQL Cluster Manager releases, and is no longer available; users of MySQL Cluster Manager 1.2.4 should upgrade as soon as possible. Thus, this document is archival in nature, and no longer actively maintained. Information about the most recent MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3 release can be found at

This is the User Manual for the MySQL™ Cluster Manager, version 1.2.4. It documents the MySQL Cluster Manager Agent and MySQL Cluster Manager Client software applications which can be used to administer MySQL Cluster, a version of the MySQL Database System (referred to hereafter as MySQL Server or simply MySQL) that incorporates the NDB storage engine for high availability and data redundancy in a distributed computing environment.

This Manual applies to MySQL Cluster Manager 1.2.4 and contains information that may not apply to older versions of the MySQL Cluster Manager software. For documentation covering previous MySQL Cluster Manager releases, see MySQL Documentation: MySQL Cluster, on the MySQL website.

MySQL Cluster Manager features.  This manual describes features that may not be included in every version of MySQL Cluster Manager, and such features may not be included in the version of MySQL Cluster Manager licensed to you. If you have any questions about the features included in your version of MySQL Cluster Manager, refer to your MySQL Cluster Manager license agreement or contact your Oracle sales representative.

MySQL Cluster Manager, MySQL Server, and MySQL Cluster features.  This manual contains certain basic information about MySQL Server and MySQL Cluster; however, it is not in any way intended as an exhaustive reference for either of these products.

Current versions of MySQL Cluster compatible with MySQL Cluster Manager are based on versions 7.2 and 7.3 of the NDB storage engine; these versions of MySQL Cluster are known as MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2 and MySQL Cluster NDB 7.3, respectively. MySQL Cluster functionality varies between MySQL Cluster releases; MySQL Cluster Manager cannot supply or emulate MySQL Cluster features that are not present in the version of the MySQL Cluster software in use.

For complete information about MySQL Server and MySQL Cluster, please refer to the appropriate version of the MySQL Manual:

If you do not have the MySQL Server and MySQL Cluster documentation, you can obtain it free of charge from the MySQL Documentation Library, on the MySQL website.

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Table of Contents

Preface and Legal Notices
1 Overview of MySQL Cluster Manager
1.1 MySQL Cluster Manager Terminology
1.2 MySQL Cluster Manager Architecture
2 MySQL Cluster Manager Installation, Configuration, Cluster Setup
2.1 Obtaining MySQL Cluster Manager
2.2 Operating Platform and MySQL Cluster Version Compatibility
2.3 MySQL Cluster Manager Agent Installation
2.3.1 Installing MySQL Cluster Manager on Unix Platforms
2.3.2 Installing MySQL Cluster Manager on Windows Platforms
2.3.3 Setting the MySQL Cluster Manager Agent User Name and Password
2.4 MySQL Cluster Manager Configuration File
2.5 Upgrading MySQL Cluster Manager
3 Using MySQL Cluster Manager
3.1 mcmd, the MySQL Cluster Manager Agent
3.2 Starting and Stopping the MySQL Cluster Manager Agent
3.2.1 Starting and Stopping the Agent on Linux
3.2.2 Starting and Stopping the MySQL Cluster Manager Agent on Windows
3.3 Starting the MySQL Cluster Manager Client
3.4 Setting Up MySQL Clusters with MySQL Cluster Manager
3.4.1 Creating a MySQL Cluster with MySQL Cluster Manager
3.4.2 Migrating a MySQL Cluster to MySQL Cluster Manager
3.5 MySQL Cluster Backup and Restore Using MySQL Cluster Manager
3.5.1 Requirements for Backup and Restore
3.5.2 Basic MySQL Cluster Backup and Restore Using MySQL Cluster Manager
4 MySQL Cluster Manager Client Commands
4.1 Online Help and Information Commands
4.2 MySQL Cluster Manager Site and Agent Commands
4.2.1 The add hosts Command
4.2.2 The change log-level Command
4.2.3 The create site Command
4.2.4 The delete site Command
4.2.5 The list sites Command
4.2.6 The list hosts Command
4.2.7 The stop agents Command
4.2.8 The version Command
4.3 MySQL Cluster Manager Package Commands
4.3.1 The add package Command
4.3.2 The delete package Command
4.3.3 The list packages Command
4.4 MySQL Cluster Manager Cluster Commands
4.4.1 The create cluster Command
4.4.2 The delete cluster Command
4.4.3 The list clusters Command
4.4.4 The restart cluster Command
4.4.5 The show status Command
4.4.6 The start cluster Command
4.4.7 The stop cluster Command
4.4.8 The upgrade cluster Command
4.5 MySQL Cluster Manager Configuration Commands
4.5.1 The get Command
4.5.2 The reset Command
4.5.3 The set Command
4.6 MySQL Cluster Manager Process Commands
4.6.1 The add process Command
4.6.2 The change process Command
4.6.3 The list processes Command
4.6.4 The start process Command
4.6.5 The stop process Command
4.7 MySQL Cluster Manager Backup and Restore Commands
4.7.1 The abort backup Command
4.7.2 The backup cluster Command
4.7.3 The list backups Command
4.7.4 The restore cluster Command
5 MySQL Cluster Manager Limitations and Known Issues
5.1 MySQL Cluster Manager Usage and Design Limitations
5.2 MySQL Cluster Manager 1.2.4 Limitations Relating to the MySQL Server
5.3 MySQL Cluster Manager Limitations Relating to MySQL Cluster
5.4 Syntax and Related Issues in MySQL Cluster Manager
A Changes in MySQL Cluster Manager
B Attribute Summary Tables
B.1 Management Node Configuration Parameters
B.2 Data Node Configuration Parameters
B.3 API Node Configuration Parameters
B.4 Other Node Configuration Parameters
B.5 MySQL Server Option and Variable Reference for MySQL Cluster