MySQL™ Cluster Manager 1.4.8 User Manual

4.2 MySQL Cluster Manager Site and Agent Commands

In this section, we discuss commands used to work with MySQL Cluster Manager management sites. In addition, the stop agents, show settings, version, and show warnings commands, which relate to management agents, are also covered in this section.

A site, in terms of MySQL NDB Cluster and MySQL Cluster Manager, is a collection of one or more host computers where MySQL Cluster Manager agents are running. Each agent is identified by the combination of two pieces of information:


MySQL NDB Cluster makes extremely intensive use of network connections, and DNS lookups can contend with MySQL NDB Cluster and MySQL Cluster Manager for bandwidth, resulting in a negative impact on the performance of MySQL NDB Cluster and the applications using it. For this reason, we recommend that you use numeric IP addresses rather than hostnames for MySQL NDB Cluster and MySQL Cluster Manager host computers whenever feasible.