5.1.5 Backup Repository Options

These options specify various parameters related to the layout of the backup directory.

The --backup-dir option is the only one from this group that you typically specify. Values for all the backup_innodb_* options can be derived automatically from the corresponding configuration options without the backup_ prefix (see descriptions for individual options below). Those options need to be specified only if, during a backup, the user wants to specify particular values for those options that are to be used during restorations of the backup. Values specified by backup_innodb_* options are stored in the backup_my.cnf file, to be used during future restorations.

When a database connection is available during a backup, those backup_innodb_* options are ignored, with their values overridden by the corresponding values retrieved from the database connection. .

These options are used only with the following operations:

The following parameters describe the layout of files in the backup directory: