4.4 Making a Point-in-Time Backup of InnoDB, MyISAM, and Other Tables


This section describes low-level backup techniques that are intended for expert users. You can use the mysqlbackup command to automate the procedure presented in this section, as described in Chapter 7, mysqlbackup Command Reference.

You can use the ibbackup option --suspend-at-end to make a point-in-time backup of tables from MyISAM and other storage engines, in addition to InnoDB tables. This option pauses the backup process when an ibbackup run is close to ending, so that a script written by you can copy the MyISAM tables and other non-InnoDB files to a backup. Since the backup taken by ibbackup corresponds to the time at the end of the run, and your script blocks modifications to the MyISAM tables at that point, the backup contains a snapshot of MyISAM tables at the same point in time. Your script must follow this outline: