4.1.11 Capacity Options

These options limit the resources used by the backup process, to minimize backup overhead for busy or huge databases.


Specify maximum memory in megabytes that can be used in the apply-log operation. Do not include any suffixes such as mb or kb in the option value.

Default: 100 (that is, 100 Megabytes).


Specify the number in milliseconds to sleep after copying a certain amount of data from InnoDB tables. Each block of data is 1024 InnoDB data pages, typically totalling 16MB. This is to limit the CPU and I/O overhead on the database server.

Default = 0 (no voluntary sleeps).


Disables locking during backup of non-InnoDB files, even if a connection is available. Can be used to copy non-InnoDB data with less disruption to normal database processing. There could be inconsistencies in non-InnoDB data if any changes are made while those files are being backed up.