4.1.7 Compression Options

For instructions about using these options, see Section 3.3.3, “Making a Compressed Backup”.


Create backup in compressed format. For a regular backup, only the InnoDB data files are created in compressed format, using the .ibz extension.

For a single-image backup, all files (including InnoDB, MyISAM, .frm files, and so on) are compressed using the default compression level.

Default: compression is disabled. Default compression level is 1 when compression is enabled. You can change the amount of compression with the compress-level option.


Specifies the level of compression. Value 0 disables compression. Value 1 is fastest compression, and value 9 is highest (and slowest) compression.

Default: 1 (lowest and fastest compression). Explicitly specifying a non-zero value through configuration file or command line automatically enables the --compress option as well.


When used with the apply-log operation, uncompresses the compressed backup before applying the InnoDB log.