4.1.8 Incremental Backup Options

For an overview of incremental backups and usage information about these options, see Section 3.3.2, “Making an Incremental Backup”.

To take an incremental backup, specify the --incremental, --incremental-backup-dir, and --start-lsn options together. All InnoDB data modified after the specified LSN is copied in the incremental backup.


Specifies that the associated backup or backup-to-image. operation is incremental. Also requires the --start-lsn and --incremental-backup-dir options.

The incremental aspect applies to InnoDB tables. By default, all non-InnoDB and .frm files are also included in incremental backup. To exclude non-InnoDB data in an incremental backup, use the --only-innodb option.


In an incremental backup, specifies the highest LSN value included in a previous backup. You can get this value from the output of the previous backup operation, or from the backup_history table's end_lsn column for the previous backup operation. Always used in combination with the --incremental option.


Specifies the location under which to store data from an incremental backup.

Example 4.4 Incremental Backup

mysqlbackup --incremental --start-lsn=12345 \
  --incremental-backup-dir=/var/mysql/backup/inc ... backup