4.1.5 Backup Repository Options

These options specify various parameters related to the layout of the backup directory. Several of these option values can be derived automatically from the corresponding configuration option without the backup prefix, thus the --backup-dir option is the only one from this group that you typically specify.

These options are used only with the following operations:

When a database connection is available during a backup, the parameters describing the source repository are ignored, overridden by the corresponding values retrieved from the database connection.

The following parameters describe the layout of files in the backup directory:


The directory under which to store the backup data. This is a crucial parameter required for most kinds of backup operations. An additional level of subdirectory is created when the --with-timestamp option is also specified.


Creates a subdirectory underneath the backup directory, with a name formed from the timestamp of the backup operation. Useful to maintain a single backup directory containing many backup snapshots.

Default: no timestamped subdirectory is created. To reuse the same backup directory for a new backup, either remove the previous backup files manually or specify the --force option to overwrite them.