Apply-Log Operations for Existing Backup Data

These operations bring the backup files up-to-date with any changes to InnoDB tables that happened while the backup was in progress. Although for convenience you can combine this operation with the initial backup using the backup-and-apply-log option, you must use run the stages separately when performing incremental or compressed backups.

mysqlbackup [STD-OPTIONS]
            [--limit-memory=MB] [--uncompress] [--backup-dir=PATH]

mysqlbackup [STD-OPTIONS]
            [--incremental-backup-dir=PATH] [--backup-dir=PATH]
            [--limit-memory=MB] [--uncompress]

Example 4.3 Apply Log to Full Backup

mysqlbackup --backup-dir=/path/to/backup apply-log

It reads the backup-my.cnf file inside backup-dir to understand the backup. The my.cnf default files have no effect other than supplying the limit-memory=MB value, which limits usage of memory while doing the apply-log operation.

Because the apply-log operation does not apply to incremental backups, no incremental-backup-dir is needed for this operation.